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CYE has a global audience and connects the worlds of research, policy and practice.

The Children, Youth and Environments network disseminates knowledge and stimulates discussion to support inclusive, sustainable and healthy environments for children and youth everywhere. 


The CYE network connects a global community and provides an online forum for active discussion, resource sharing, and the publication of a peer-reviewed online journal.

CYE is now accepting submissions via Scholastica!

We have recently adopted an online academic journal management platform, called Scholastica, to streamline manuscript submission and review processes. Authors can now submit their research articles directly via Scholastica.


Visit for more information.

Volume 32, Issue 2, of Children, Youth and Environments was recently released. Read the current issue on Project Muse.


Not a journal subscriber? Visit to purchase an individual subscription or forward the link to your institution’s librarian.

CYE Moves to UC: Past, Present, and Future

Past Issues

Visit the CYE archive here. 

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